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Directing and Writing;    

A selection of projects.   

Eve Ryman      2012

'Eve Ryman', commissioned by EU Plots project, and performed in 5 different European venues.

Eve Ryman was a multi- national project that used actors from six European countries to tell the universal 'Everyman' story for the modern age.

It was a physical, site responsive production, that was multi-lingual, and used songs from every participating country. It toured europe to great reactions, and appreciative audiences.

A View from the Bridge.


A theatre trailer from my production of Millers' classic.

I directed this for the Mercury Theatre ensemble company, Colchester, England. It received huge acclaim from the national press, and audiences alike.

En Begivenhed (An Event)  2015

Written by Janice Dunn; translated by Maria Lohmann.

This play was commissioned for NUART, Copenhagen, and was performed by over 40 singers, dancers, actors and musicians aged between 13 and 17. The production concerned a random shooting by a young woman in a cinema.

Audiences called it powerful and moving; participants called it the best thing they had ever been involved in.

These are a few samples of my diverse work. To discuss further please >>
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