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Hello; a bit about me...

Hello, og hej,

Welcome to my site. I am a creative professional who has been working in theatre for over 25 years. In that time I have learned a great deal, met fantastic people, and had so much fun. My work has taken me throughout Europe, and beyond.

I direct, I write, I develop ideas and projects, I move people....around.

I am British, but based in Copenahgen, and can work anywhere.

Jeg kan rigtigt godt lide at lave nye projekter med spændende og kreative kollegaer.

All of my work is based on collaboration and exploration, and I am always looking for exciting new partnerships.

I hope you find something here which interests you.

Hvis der er noget her som interesserer dig, så må du meget gerne kontakte mig, så vi kan snakke om det.

Mange tak, and thanks,


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